PPA Board Commitment

Providence Preparatory Academy’s leadership extends beyond its faculty to the Providence Board, which offers advisory support to on-campus personnel. From strategic decisions like securing land for a future school facility to operational oversight like the annual budget, the board is deeply involved in shaping the school’s path.


Recognizing the impact of board decisions on every school family, we want to highlight our primary commitments. First and foremost, our allegiance is to the Lord God Almighty. Board members, all professing Christians, prioritize Christ’s glory in even minor decisions.  Outside of the PPA board, we are all involved in serving our churches as well. While we debate and discuss many different perspectives, our central focus remains on honoring God in the education of our children.


Our second commitment is to the children of the school, with all current board members having their own children enrolled or recently enrolled at PPA. This dedication to students has influenced significant decisions, including the launch of athletic programs and the initiation of plans for PPA’s future home. The careful consideration of tuition rates and the school budget underscores our commitment to retaining excellent teachers.


Rest assured that these priorities—Christ first and our children next—will continue to guide the board’s decisions. We invite your questions, engagement, and feedback, encouraging you to attend the Town Hall in January 2024. While details are forthcoming, we plan to transform the meeting into an opportunity for one-on-one conversations rather than a formal presentation. We look forward to seeing you there and getting to know you even better.

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Cultivating Intellect and Virtue through the Biblical Worldview.

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