Christlike Intellect

“Cultivating intellect and virtue through the biblical worldview.”                This is the motto which guides Providence Preparatory Academy’s structure, culture, and operations. Its meaning lies in the truth of growing, learning, and striving in the example and teachings of Jesus Christ—the very core of Christianity. PPA is not the first school to model itself in […]

Logic and Rhetoric In Christ

Ever watch a toddler, perhaps your own, eagerly ‘help’ dad with some activity like raking the leaves or going fishing? Think of the joy both can experience only together. Think of the growing understanding of both in what they are learning. And think of our heavenly Father and ourselves. The toddler isn’t really helping dad […]

Classically Grounded: English-Literature at PPA

When one considers their English experience in school, a plethora of memories may be conjured. Some positive, some negative, and many, most likely, utterly underwhelming. As a product of public school, my own memories of my English education are that of all-consuming boredom. The irony of this is downright comedic, considering my chosen field of […]

Cultivating Intellect and Virtue through the Biblical Worldview.

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