Cultivating Virtue

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The Destination and the Map

If we do not know where we are going, as we all learned from the Cheshire cat, it does not matter which path we take. However, as children of God, we...

The Importance of Struggle – Part 3

How can we train our children for a faithful and trial enduring life in the service of their God? I don’t believe this is an easy responsibility...

The Importance of Struggle – Part 2

Last time we saw that a Biblical worldview acknowledges there is importance in our struggle. Because we serve a good and sovereign God, there is...
The Classical Difference

Classical Collaboration

Since the dawn of time, the greatest and the most sacred institution known to man is that of the home. In the sovereignty and wisdom of God, it was...

Cultivating Intellect and Virtue through the Biblical Worldview.

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