Tuition by Level

2024-2025 School Year

Grammar School
K-5th Grade


Logic School
6th-8th Grade


Rhetoric School
9th-12th Grade


We are committed to building a community of families who share in Providence’s aim to cultivate the intellect and virtue through the Christian Worldview, regardless of their financial circumstances. 

Therefore, to ensure accessibility, we provide various payment plans, financial aid opportunities, and welcome families who are recipients of the NC Opportunity Scholarships.

Multi-Student Discounts

2nd Student: 15% Discount

3rd Student: 40% Discount

4th Student (and after): 50% Discount

Discount is applied to student with the lower tuition rate.

NC Opportunity Scholarship

The Opportunity Scholarship is a program designed to help families send their student(s) to a private school of their choice.

This program is income-based and families must meet the Opportunity Scholarship eligibility requirements.
As you plan for upcoming years, please remember that these funds are not guaranteed. Should the state terminate the program or require stipulations that are not in line with our worldview, it is possible that your tuition will not be covered by this program. Please plan accordingly.

Need-Based Tuition Assistance

We endeavor to support any family that aligns with the mission of Providence and desires to attend will be able to regardless of financial ability. To that goal, Providence offers need-based tuition assistance to qualifying families.

We want to reserve tuition assistance for families that have no other alternatives. If your family is able to receive financial help through your extended family or church please pursue that option first so we may reserve the tuition assistance budget for those who cannot receive assistance by another way.

If you are a new family applying for tuition assistance, you must first apply for admission. If you qualify, you will be informed of any available scholarship amount after the admission process is complete and your family is offered admission. Our re-enrolling families are given priority for tuition assistance.

You can apply for tuition assistance through FACTS at FACTS performs the financial assessment on our behalf using standard academic practices. This application requires the creation of a FACTS account if you do not already have one as well as financial documentation such as tax returns and W2s. There is a one-time application fee of $35 paid to FACTS for processing the application. Tuition assistance applications are due by March 31st each year.


$25 Standardized Testing Fee

*Tuition does not include required materials (e.g., books, uniform, supplies, etc.)

Cultivating Intellect and Virtue through the Biblical Worldview.

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